Want a low cost franchise? : Here are some tips:

 Want a low cost franchise?

If you are looking for a low cost franchise, there are several ways you can adopt in order to accomplish your mission. One of the best ways is to trust the power of World Wide Web. There are several business opportunities online that you can utilize to your advantage.

What are these business options?

There are several online business and low cost franchise options available to let you earn decent income. The only thing you require focusing on is to give your precious time and put in some efforts. A lot of people are ignorant of such opportunities. Other who know about these offers are a little apprehensive. This article will focus on some points to help you know about these businesses in a better way. You would also come to know a lot about low cost franchise online.

What is an online low cost franchise option? Several types of business options are available online. One of the most popular low cost franchise options is a work from home opportunity.

This option allows you to act as your own boss and earn well too. With this online system, you can easily sell products to others. There are also options that facilitate you to sell business opportunities to others.

This online business opportunity is very different from other marketing systems. There a several training videos and webinars held from time to time. This is to keep business owners updated with latest tools and marketing techniques.

One of the best things about online low franchise business options is that it is open to people irrespective of what their budget is. You will see that memberships are available at different levels. You can start from bronze (A lower level with minimum investment) to platinum (highest level).

Joining online business franchise is great fun and you can earn a lot of money without having to be ruled by a crooked boss. Since nothing comes without putting some genuine efforts, the online franchise offers do not provide you with results if you fail to put efforts. Once you make up your mind to run a business online, make sure that you put in some hard work.

A lot of people are a little apprehensive about investing money in to online franchise. The reason is that they are doubtful about the authenticity of these sites. The best thing to do here is to make a thorough research prior to investing in your hard earned money. There are several sites that offer free 7 day trial. This will help you know what kind of options are available to you and how genuine the service is.

You can also check the authenticity of the website from BBB (Best Business Bureau). This will let you know whether or not the online business franchise has face complaints in the past.

The online low cost franchise is a great option for you if you are serious about earning good money.

Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loan from scratch 

Many a times hard money loans take only few days to close whereas conventional loans may take few months.

A credit worthy person or a man with a regular inflow of cash may find difficulties at times to get a hard money loan during a financial crisis and at the same time he may not be able to wait for a longer period for authentication etc in connection with closing of a hypothecation.

? In the realm of commercial activities and loan disbursing activities, the word hard money loan means real cash money; even though this word has many other meaning in the common parlance. Normally a hard money loan is known to be a cash loan. Irrespective of this, the meaning of the term has transformed into traditional real estate loans, which has formed over a period of time. (Privately funded loans, second trust deeds and equity loans) i.e. loans one could get from a hard moneylender. Normally the lender approves the real estate loan application on the basis of the rights in the real estate equity and also other collateral assets.

? Now days the hard money loans are being disbursed at an expensive price to the borrower in place of other easy and quick to receive cash loans. Such loans can be availed for your requirement so far as you own certain equity or collaterals security.?

Hard Money Loan Example:

1.? ABC Corporation goes to the bank and borrows $7,000,000 at 8% with no loan origination fees because it has steady cash flow does not need the money for several months.

2. The XYZ Management Corp. does not have a steady income stream but has real estate equity that it can use as collateral to obtain a $7,000,000 hard money loan against it’s real estate equity for 10.5% interest plus a 5 point loan origination fee. XYZ Management Corp. gets money in 10 days.

? Loans are available in various models according to your needs but ABC Corporation need not worry due to his regular cash inflow and credit worthiness whereas XYZ Management Corp. Must cough up 10.5% and 5 points to get their hard money loan due to their emergent financial crisis.

Basics of Hard Money

Certain preliminary question which may be asked by a lender is narrated below, in case you are in need of either a hard money loan or otherwise.

•? The borrower must project a report, which should be brief, sincere, factual and transparent.

•? The project report should be practical and those should not be in a dispute over the ownership or any other environmental threat and also spell out a plan to come out of the loan period successfully. The projections of facts and figures and other related figures should be profit oriented and it should suffice the repayment of loan and other expenses related to it.

•? A borrower should be positive, earnest, articulate and must possess lot of experience also who is capable of correctly predicting the workability of the project.

•? The borrower should not be adamant on the terms and the lender should not be left free to assess the exact requirement in relation to the risk involved in the project.

•? The borrower should be able to afford and give his consent to discharge Due Diligence cost to the lender and also the winding up cost and other third party reports if any.

The Hard Money Process

For the sake of preliminary study, the borrower who may be generally processing via a broker should submit a proper project report. This can be of a couple of pages and should contain the details of the borrower, the project or any other asset, cash inflow – outflow which reflects a proper winding up or repayment plan. Once the borrower fixes a lender and if the borrower is serious enough, then he must give the following facts:

•? A master plan describing the project and the financial needs.
•? A statement showing inward and outward cash flow containing the equity involvement of the borrower.
•? A complete cost estimate of the project
•? A total definition of the repayment plan.
•? A description showing the history and other personal details of the borrower.
•? Current financial statements and references.
•? Location details and other feasibility studies.
•? Land and building, designs and prices, projections if any.
•? Vital details from the environmental and appraisal reports and detailed technical project report or market study, if any.

Hard money denotes to a kind of commercial estate loan product, which needs the support of real estate. Usually hard money is utilized as a kind of bridge loan for short term financing.

Your property stands as a collateral security in case of a hard money loan. The quantum and period and interest incase of a loan with a security is decided by the stake of the borrower, the quality of asset and its surroundings and also the credit worthiness of the borrower. Hard money loans are generally given for individual use and also for commercial activities. Even though the property may be business related or purely personal, the outcome of the hard money loan is not only attributable for commercial use.

Every lender of hard money decides the ways and means and other limits, which they may prescribe for sanctioning hard money loans. An example of a hard money loan for business use is appended:

Loan Size $7,300,000 Property Description 31 Condos LTV 53% Use of Funds Project completion, partner buyout Here’s what the information in the hard money example above means:

Loan Size – The amount of the hard money loan is self-explanatory: a hard money loan for 7.3 million dollars was made to a borrower.

Property description – The property description indicates that this hard money loan was made for business purposes

LTV (loan to value) - in this hard money example indicates that the $7.3 million dollars represents 53% of the value of the property. The property value in this case is $13.8 million dollars. The borrower’s equity in the property is 47% or $6.5 million – the difference between the value of the property ($13.8 million) and loan amount (53% of $13.8 million = $7.3 million).

Interest Rates generally from 12% and higher, possibly with equity kickers. Points range from 3-10 points at Lenders discretion.
The Borrower pays Closing Costs.

Due Diligence & Commitment Fees may be 1/3% to 1/2% of the loan amount, and paid by the Borrower

Use of funds: In the above example, the borrower utilized the loan for constructing a marketing complex condominium and also purchased a partnership.

Lenders of hard money loan normally fix a certain parameters for the utilization of such loans. Freedom in utilization of such hard money loan precedes need not meant to be a higher proposition. I.e. Avatar Financial Group of Seattle, WA gives certain cheapest rates in the hard money lending industry and still allows a great degree of freedom in utilization of the loan amount.

When to Opt for Hard Money Loan

Normal bank loans are cheaper when compared to hard money loans. But this is more useful and applicable for commercial and individual requirements. The general utility of the hard money loan is for commercial activity where the speed of sanction of loan is very important and it is also pertinent that the borrower or his property does not come under the severe rules and regulations of the banks.?

Hard money loan is usually considered as a stopgap requirement for acquiring properties. This can be a quick remedy in case of financial crisis and this serves as an alternative including availing a chance at an appropriate time.

•? The asset holder can utilize the hard money to retain his holding from forfeiting.
•? A company formation or an acquirement can be possible with hard money
•? As the borrower may not be eligible for a bank loan as per their standards hard money comes handy for a borrower, which can promote and make his business viable.

The above case studies depict how the hard money is converted to augment the business development from the initial stages to the final level where the asset has got high market value and salability.

? In case of a Personal insolvency, huge business loss or indebtedness, hard money is an urgent option. When the money is urgently needed to discharge any statutory payments or fines and penalties, duties and taxes and also the bank loan demands lot of preliminary and procedural delays the borrower is turned to go for hard money.

Whatever may be the case, if the borrower or his property do not conform to the basic requirements of a bank for lending may be due to his present indebtedness or the past financial background, the nature of the asset, position of the borrower the lawful as a rightful citizen, hard money give a quick short term or long term solution.

Hard Money for Real Estate Investing

Putting money into buying property is the most common utilization of hard money loans. Investing in property is cash demanding monetary activity. One who invests in property needs more cash to benefit from the continuing project; investors repeatedly are in need of working capital getting such money will be easier through hard money loan than traditional bank loan.

Normally, general financing is very much time taking and unavailable due to low FICO scores or any other reason then hard money becomes handy. Your FICO score comes drastically down in case you purchase many assets due to your hypothecation towards the loan received. The property, which can be acquired at a cheaper price, may not conform to the eligibility condition of a bank. However, hard moneylenders are free in the same fashion as that of conventional bank.

Hard moneylenders can do wonders. Buying a property by hypothecating it generally takes two to six months period for completion whereas hard moneylenders can normally release the same within two weeks after you submit all the documents required by them.
Loan can be received against a project from the lender whereas bank may not. Suppose the money you have put in the property is taking you to the world of dry cleaners( or a strip mall that has one), gas stations, or even assisted living facilities( one of the recent favorite real estate market in US), then the traditional banks may be unable to provide the loan for your project.

Try to convert the hard money as a stopgap arrangement.? ? The period normally varies from one to three years.? This enables you to get more time to prepare yourself for enhancing your creditworthiness or for either acquiring a property or for sale of the same through a traditional funding.

Hard Money Loans to stop Foreclosure

Hard money loans can stop a foreclosure.? This type of loans are unique which can be the best as well as worst at times in unconventional lenders of hard money.? In case you have an impending foreclosure of a property the one which you own or any other property which you may acquire a new high or may subject to a foreclosure, whatever the case may be, in all such contexts hard money lenders are the only source who can immediately lend their helping hand in time.

Once you submit your required papers to the hard moneylender, either for purchase loan or refinancing scheme the same can be had within a week or two. Be sure to complete the required paper ready for submission to the lender. A guide is appended below:

•? Written assessment sheets with photos
•? Acquisition agreement in case of buying a asset
•? Individual income statement
•? 2 years profit and loss statement in case of a manufacturing unit
•? 2 years tax return statement of the individual
•? Statement regarding utilization of funds
•? Proof of other available source of funding to pay the excess amount other than the loan applied in case you are purchasing an asset.

Keeping ready all the documents will help you in getting the loan processed faster.

Hard Money for Mortgages

Hard money is available for many purposes. The main one is mortgages. With the owner’s share in the property, the hard moneylenders normally pay 65-70% of the value of the property as loan. Most of the hard money loans are used for business purposes. Yet these loans can be utilized for residential purposes also. In such cases the loan is considered in the name of soft loan.

It is very easy for hard money hypothecation as the requirement is trouble free. The value of the “ indented asset” is the base for the loan in case if it is owned by a property dealer or to be acquired from an individual. In case the borrower is purchasing the property., then the price of the real estate is taken the real acquiring property. In case the borrower wants hard money the price is decided by evaluation by the concerned.

In case you want to avail a hard money refinance scheme, the lender would like to know the time of your property acquisition and the price you given for that. Suppose the property you purchased is one month old with a specific price, then the lender will not interested to give you more than the money you have paid for. In case the property is one year old, and you have also invested some money or some equity or both into that then you may be able to go for another evaluation of the said property and it is possible to get a loan on the enhanced value of the asset. This is called seasoning. You should go for a seasoning of your property prior to applying for a refinance mortgage to get a better value for your property than you paid actually.

Hard Money Lenders

Hard moneylenders are those people who are in the trade of lending money and assist the people who are in need of hard money (guaranteed by real estates). They may be direct lenders or they may be an agent. Some are direct lenders as well as agents. In such cases, the moneylender provide loan of small quantities and arrange for big loans to begin with.

Choice is to deal with a hard money broker or a moneylender is similar to deal with a broker or to purchase a house directly from the seller.

Working with a Direct Lender:

It is always better to engage a direct moneylender for obvious reasons. The direct dealing with a moneylender saves lot of money as brokers get commission for their business on the basis of the hard money you are going to avail. So more middlemen means more you are likely to pay as commission to meet their expenses to provide you a loan.

? In case you have decided to take hard money loan and chosen a direct dealer suitable for your purpose then you can talk to the sanctioning authorities directly so that procedural delays can be avoided which troubles many loan takers. It is normal when you approach a broker to get a loan that one day he would say that your application is being processed and you are going to get the loan soon on the other day he will say that no it is not chosen for payment now it is on the other place for consideration and so on. Often the choice of the moneylender is based on the commission the broker is going to get from him and it is not your requirement that is being considered.

? So it is better to approach a moneylender directly and make clear your requirements and avoid unnecessary wastage of time and energy on getting your hard money loan. However, you are the best person to give details of your requirements justify your position and no one is answerable other than you for your activities with the hard money loan you are going to get.

Working with a broker:

There are some benefits also when you go for a loan through a broker. The main benefit is an experienced, knowledgeable and sincere broker will have information about many direct hard moneylenders and he can also make out the correct place where your application for loan must go. A fine broker will arrange for a package which contains the most benefits, the information about the amount you can get as a loan based on the share in the asset, the type of the asset you are using as a guarantee and the time by which you have complete the procedures and so on. He can also assist you to fill up the extensive request and submit it to the suitable money lender according to your circumstances. His help may help you to conserve your time and energy and you will find that the 2-3% of fee is not more for such a comfort you obtain from him.

Hard Money Commercial Lenders

? Hard moneylenders who do their business are situated throughout US. You should understand that those who call themselves as hard moneylenders are not actually direct business lenders but most of them are hard money lending brokers.

? The differentiation between the business moneylender and a broker is their capacity to finance. Brokers are in the business and are well versed with linking the borrower and provider. Generally the brokers publicize themselves than the moneylenders. The main role played by the brokers are to contact the person who is in need of a loan, assist him to fill the application, arrange for the necessary supporting documents, collect it and to link the applicant to a suitable business oriented moneylender. The borrower and the moneylender may not even have a personal meeting. It is the personal interest of the broker to keep away the borrower and the moneylender. The broker’s importance lies in the list of moneylenders with whom he is in contact. If the direct moneylender is easily approachable then everyone will choose the direct dealing instead of through a broker for many reasons as shown below:

•? Direct approach to the hard moneylender leads to less expensive loans as there is nor brokerage or percentages are to be paid
•? Quick disposal of applications because the direct lender need not make you to wander if you are a prospective applicant. If it is feasible they will approve the lending or otherwise they will guide you to the suitable person right away.
•? Faster closings: A personal interview between the money lender and the applicant will lead to quicker sanction of the loans as the applicant can provide replies to the queries of the lender directly.

Like any other loan, the vital aspect of the hard money loan is also the charge and quickness of getting the money. Hard money businessmen have packages which resembles the bank or conventional financing companies loans or otherwise with some differentials. The hard money businessmen will higher loan on your assets ranging from 50 to 75% of the value of the asset. As the peril increases the tariff and percentage also increases.

? A loan for which bankers principally agreed to can be called as a near bank loan, which is the type of loan you require then you can approach a hard moneylender who have unique schemes to sanction such near bank loan. Such type of lenders is ready to disburse loan against non-conventional real estate properties also. In that case, once you want to deviate from the conventional hypothecation schemes then you may have to shell out more money by way of interest and other expenses.

A hard moneylender gives certain points below indicating the regulations:

•? Loan terms from one to three years
•? In rare instances, longer terms may be available
•? Higher interest rates than found in bank or traditional mortgage financing
•? As of the writing of this article, Venus Financial Group is offering the lowest rate I found among hard money commercial real estate lenders: 11%
•? Higher points, which may be required to be paid in advance
•? Venus Financial is offering their 11% loans with 3pts. Working through a broker will add 1-3 additional points to the cost of the loan

Venus financials gives choices like packaging of points or a part of the interest into the loan, accepting low monthly installments or restructuring of the loan with bulk payments to adjust with re financing schemes. This is the advantage or attractive practical solution of this loan.

What To Ask From Hard Money Lenders?

? Initially confirm that the agency with whom you are dealing is a direct hard money commercial lender or an agent. Most of the firms do mention that they are BOTH agents and lenders. If your loan is not large, then in all probability these agencies will be functioning as an agent or a broker. Unfortunately such type of agencies will never say and many a times keep silence that they are only an agent regarding your loan.

? Be determined and clear. It is important to confirm from the agency that if they will release the fund locally or will be an associate in the loan, or just a referee or even part with some other firm for release of this loan. Search for other principles, which mean that the agency is a broker. It will be better if they confirm and acknowledge in a paper. By doing so, you can rest assure that these agencies are earnest in their approach and thereby arriving at a correct conclusion regarding the hard moneylenders.

? You can demand testimonials or recommendations from them. They may express their inability quoting secrecy of such data or documents. But in the case of famous hard moneylenders they will probably agree and give a reference of their satisfied customer or their address and telephone numbers to you. This will enable to check up with that customer regarding the lenders service, the overheads, the period etc.

? Get in touch with your associate. Generally at the end of the day the discussion culminate with financial matters. Initially they may start with individual cases, philosophy or even politics and finally ends up with the talks on individual or business financial proposals. Suppose this is your practice think of associating with industrial houses, which are in your area of interest. At such gathering, speak to the people in confidence. Try to convey from the stage to the people present at the gathering and mention that you are looking for a hard moneylender. Also mention that he will be pleased to know their experience with such moneylenders whether it is positive or otherwise. In case the people narrate their experience in a detailed manner, then this shows the valuable and competent nature of the lending agency.

Get ready. Normally the period of the loan is the most important thing for winding up. So be sensible and get ready. The commercial lenders will be particular that you owe a good amount of stake in the asset, which is hypothecated to them. In case the stake in the mortgage property is 35% or more then the agency will accept and process your loan. Collect documents about the share in the mortgaged property to prove your stake.

Hard Money Loans at a Glance

? Hard money loans are supported generally by hypothecation of property. Normally, this is utilized for commercial activities, and also as temporary loan arrangement for acquiring property or acquisition of commercial properties and repurchases.

? Hard money is superior to bank loans in three different ways:

•? Hard money loans can be arranged at short notice.
•? The lender determines the net worth of the property kept as security rather than accessing the individual repaying capacity.
•? Hard moneylenders have got various effective means and measures to evaluate and arrange for the loan when compared to conventional bank.

By opting for a fast loan, which involves many perils, you may end up paying the excess charges than a conventional hypothecation.? The rates of hard money ranges from 11% to over 22 – 25%. Points generally run between 4 and 15; the greater the risk in the project and/or the borrower, the higher the price.

If you part with the facts and figures about the property you want to hypothecate against the hard money loan, then the processing of loan will be immediate. While applying for hard money loan the following should be kept in mind:

•? In case you apply for purchase then
o? Give the purchase price of the asset
o? Furnish the contract between the buyer and the seller
o? Submit a detailed project report, which is less than six months old. Never make any rough estimate which may delay or negate the loan processing
o? Furnish a plan of generation of fund showing 20% from yourself, 15% from friends and relatives and the balance 65% generally assessed and released based on the acquisition cost.
•? In case the hard money is for a repurchase, then mention

o? Mention the cost at which you acquired the asset and the date of such acquisition
o? A new evaluation report prepared in six months.
•? For any type of hard money application provide the following:
o? An individual or company’s accounts report with assets and liabilities listed
o? If the asset is a manufacturing unit, provide the last year’s statements on gross income, expenses and net. The hard moneylender will prefer to study your repaying capacity of the loan along with other dues.

Creative Hard Money Financing:

Occasionally, it becomes difficult to arrange the initial 20% of the cost of the asset, which is to be arranged by yourself, which you have to pledge as a guarantee. There are many positive ways to face to meet such a situation. If you have another property with a share in it, you can manage without arranging for the initial 20% cash.